Premium Whitetail vitamin and mineral supplement. Designed by hunters for hunters.

    What is RackRoidz?

    RackRoidz is a properly calculated blend of premium Minerals and Vitamins to promote larger, healthier deer, and maximum antler growth.

    After years of studying and research, in 2011 the formula for RackRoidz was perfected and went into testing. Over the past 7 years we have seen the results and are now ready to offer it to the hunting community.

    A University of Georgia study detected 11 different minerals in the Whitetail’s antlers. 7 of the 11 are in RackRoidz. We did not include the other 4 because they are very small increments and there isn’t any information on what they do. The two most common minerals found in antlers are Calcium and Phosphorus. These are also the 2 most common in RackRoidz.

    Benefits of specific ingredients:

    Calcium & Phosphorus for bone and antler development. Bucks can bank these two minerals for antler production later when they aren’t immediately utilized. Studies have shown that a deficiency in these two minerals can result in low density (weak) antlers, less mass, and less overall antler size. Calcium also plays a major role in Fawn Development/Maximum growth.

    Selenium has a strong influence in antler development. If you test the rapidly growing portion of an antler you find a higher concentration of Selenium. Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant.

    Zinc is essential to the first stages of antler production. It assists in making large antler bases.

    Manganese provides Calcium stabilization and Phosphorus metabolism.

    Vitamins A and E for production of large healthy fawns. Vitamin E to assist in healing pedicle after antlers are shed to speed up the growing process for the new year. If you can heal the pedicle quicker, you can get a longer growing period. More antler. Higher concentrations of Vitamin A in growing antlers appears to increase antler size.

    Vitamin D is a powerful antioxidant. It’s critical for proper utilization of Calcium and Phosphorus. The higher the Vitamin D in a deer’s system, the higher the calcium plasma level, and the transport capacity, which results in greater performance. In short, higher vitamin D levels means increased antler growth and overall body weight increases.

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